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If It’s A Veggie Burger, It Must Be Better For You, Right? NOT!

There’s been a lot of news lately from fast food joints beginning to offer vegan burgers on the menu. They’ve been getting a bad rap for offering cheap, unhealthy meals for years. What’s a restaurant to do? I know, offer a meatless alternative that looks and tastes almost exactly like meat! You don’t even have to advertise that it’s a healthy alternative. That would just be bad marketing saying the rest of your products aren’t as healthy. Besides, people will just assume the new meatless burgers are a healthy alternative. After all, they’re veggie burgers! But are these meatless wonders really a more “healthy alternative to meat?” In the article (see below) by, the show you how meatless burgers aren’t all they have been assumed to be, and may not be any better for you than the cheap fatty meats they’ve been offering for years.

Is anyone else disturbed by this plant based food looking like ground beef?

First off, they point out that when you bite into one of those “bleeding” meatless burgers, you’re not just getting veggies after all. There are other ingredients in there that many humans would have trouble pronouncing, and the calorie count of these new fast food fantasies are up there around the same amount as that quarter pounder you’ve been pounding down for ages.

Bottom Line:

  • When it comes down to it, these vegetarian wonders are processed food.
  • Eating processed food is never as good for you as eating whole food.
  • While calories from plant based foods are better for you, that only applies when the plant based foods are whole foods. Not processed.
  • Do your homework. If you’re going to eat a plant based burger, then find one that has the least amount of ingredients. Get as close to whole foods as possible.
  • In the article below, they even offer recipes to make your own truly healthy veggie burgers. Although you might miss the pleasure of watching them bleed likes these new fangled treats.

Cooking Light Article on vegan burgers nutritional value

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