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The Beginner Workout

So, It’s the new year, you’re ready to get off your butt, and get to the gym, but you’re not sure where to start. Let me start by saying “good for you!” God didn’t make us to be laying around watching TV. He created us to work in the garden, and earn our rest. To look back over your last week and say “that was good.” In this article, I’m giving you a routine that’s easy to do, and provides a great amount of benefit. Something you can be proud of accomplishing, but not have to kill yourself to do. I want to stress to you that something is better than nothing. Don’t be so easy on yourself that you become complacent, but don’t be so hard on yourself that you burn out before you see the benefits. Ease into it if you have to, but increase what you do little by little every week till you get to a good routine you can maintain. As I’ve mentioned in my Game Plan, I don’t claim to be a professional, nor do I look like Arnold. Never the less, I can honestly say I have lived this workout, increased over time, and now at the time of this writing I am 53, and doing more than ever before, and I feel I’m in the best shape of my life.¬† So, get started.

Beginner Workout
First of all start light. No more than 30mins, but if it’s less, it’s ok. As I said, something is better than nothing.
Begin with light cardio. This is just to get warmed up. This workout is a majority weight lifting workout. There are people that might argue with this, but cardio is old school. Humans weren’t meant to run long distances. That’s why God made us to get around on only 2 legs instead of 4. We were meant to use our brains and hunt with weapons, and WORK in the garden. Work requires muscle. Not stamina to run 5 miles. God designed you to adapt to your environment. So, when you focus on cardio, your muscles get lean, light and work efficiently. That’s not a terrible thing, but they don’t grow because your body will need to be light to go long distances. Weight lifting prepares your body for hard work. So, your muscles grow and become more powerful. It’s also been proven that weight lifting is a more efficient way to burn calories. Here’s why… You have to run 5 miles to get the same benefit as a 30min weight workout. Also, with cardio, your body will stop burning calories after you stop the routine in order to conserve energy for the next run. The body continues to burn calories after you stop your weightlifting routine because the muscles continue to grow. Protein must be consumed for that to happen and calories must be burned in order to consume protein.

Each day start with 10 mins on the rowing machine or elliptical. This will warm you up. Get your blood pumping. I suggest these machines because they provide total workouts (arms, core, legs). Treadmill and bikes only work  legs. Start this routine with no weights, or light weights, but increase each week.

Then do:
Day 1 (after warmup)
1. Squats (3sets of 12reps)
3. Leg lifts or lunges (depends on what equipment is available). 3×12 light weight to start.
4. Hamstring curls (3×12)
5. Calf raises(3×12)
Day 2 (after warm up)
1. Bench press or push-ups (3×12)
2. Triceps curls (3×12)
3. Pull-ups or Lat pulls (3×12)
Day 3
1. Squats (3sets of 12reps)
2. Leg lifts or lunges (depends on what equipment is available). 3×12 light weight to start.
3. Hamstring curls (3×12)
4. Calf raises(3×12)
Day 4
1. Chest curls (3×12)
2. Bicep Curls (3×12)
3. Lat pulls (3×12)
4. Hang clean (3×12)
Day 5
1. Squats (3sets of 12reps)
2. Leg lifts or lunges (depends on what equipment is available). 3×12 light weight to start.
3. Hamstring curls (3×12)
4. Calf raises(3×12)
Day 6&7
Take the weekend off brotato, you’ve earned it!

1. I’m not telling you what weight to use. That’s up to you and what you can handle. It’s also about how you want to look, but I say make it easy on yourself at first. When you get stronger, you’ll crave more weight. It’s natural, so let it happen naturally over time, but increase weight every week if possible
2. Why do I have you doing so many leg days? First, it’s the most neglected of the routines. Also, legs are the largest muscles and need the most work too. Besides, people look good with muscular thighs. Your significant other will appreciate! Also, leg day causes you to burn a LOT of calories.
3. If you don’t know what one of the exercises are above, just google it and watch a YouTube video.
4. Change up your routine often! Bodies get complacent. If you’re doing the same thing over and over, your body adapts and it gets easy. So, get creative. Switch between machines or free weights, Change the cardio routine often. Add a few more minutes to the cardio as you feel like it.
5. It has been proven that adding reps instead of increasing weight accomplishes the same thing. So choose, or alternate how you lift, but always increase even just a little.

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