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HIIT Workouts Too Much? Try LIIT Instead

By now, most of us know what HIIT means, but just in case… High Intensity Interval Training is a method of going all out, then taking it down several notches, and repeating multiple times during your workout. For instance, If you’re on a cycle, go all out, and I mean push as hard as you can for a given time, then take it all the way down to almost nothing for the same amount of time. Then repeat, and do this for 30 minutes. This has been proven by scientist and trainers everywhere to be the most effective workout you can possibly do. Not only for shedding fat, but for overall health improvements as well. The cool thing about this type of workout is that the fat burn continues on for up to 24 hours!

OK, so maybe you’re not into going hard and leaving it all on the track, or maybe you have injuries that make it hard for you to go all out. Good news for all! It turns out that the “interval” part of HIIT is the most important part. In this study from “The Annals of Internal Medicine” and another at Ohio State University both show that even at lower paces or less weight, alternating intensity has huge benefits, and can still be an effective way to lose pounds and gain health benefits. So, you don’t look like those people on the Michelob Light commercial killing themselves in the gym or on the court, before going to enjoy a nice hearty glass of alcohol and carbs, but that’s ok. No matter what your intensity is, just alternate. Heavy/Light (strength), Fast/Slow (cardio).

By the way, it’s no wonder that strength training has been proven to be more efficient at burning fat over running. You are working intensely for a set, and then resting for a period, and repeating the process multiple times. Need a good routine? Go to my article on “The Beginner Workout“.

Stay strong and earn your rest!


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