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A Scientific Reality Might Be Keeping You From Losing Weight

In the article below, you’ll learn how the people around you might be undermining your efforts to lose weight, and some of them may not even know it. When the people close to you make comments like “What difference will a few pounds make?”, or “Let me guess, you’re just going to have a salad.”,  or the worst one (actually the most common), “You’re just going to gain it back anyway.”  Do your best to ignore those people, because it psychologically undermines your efforts.

To the people who know someone trying to lose weight or stay fit…  Say words of encouragement, or shut up. It’s that simple.

By the way, people who workout, and eat right will likely encourage you. So what does that say about the people who speak negativity? They are most likely totally out of shape themselves, or they are a self-centered, thoughtless person. So, keep that in your back pocket for the next time one of those knuckleheads speaks up.

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