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New Study Might Reveal Why You Have Belly Fat

Did you know you have killer abs? That’s right, you’re packin a washboard baby! Everybody has awesome abs, but if you can’t see them It’s probably due to the layer of fat sitting on top if them. Shredding belly fat, and trimming the waist seems like one of the hardest things to do for most people. It’s frustrating when you exercise and eat right, and still have to deal with the pooch. So, if you’ve been busting your butt to trim your waist and nothing seems to help, it’s possible that it wasn’t about your exercise at all. Researchers have found a correlation between belly fat in both men and women, and the lack of vitamin D. Check out the really informative article below, and learn more about the affects of vitamin D deficiency from things like higher risk of diabetes, cancer, hair loss, bone health, autoimmune diseases, and respiratory problems.

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Belly fat linked to vitamin D deficiency


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