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4 Things To Create Constant Calorie Burn

There’s plenty of articles out there whether in magazines, or on the internet about the the relation between having a high metabolism and weight loss. The bottom line is, a low metabolism gains fat, high metabolism burns fat. In my article titled Eat More Gain Less I talk about the negative effects on your metabolism when you skip meals. Especially breakfast. Well, even if you’re guilty of dogging your met, there’s good news. According to Amy Shapiro, MS, RD, CDN, founder and director of Real Nutrition NYC , you can actually “reset your metabolism” just by changing your eating habits, and it’s really not hard! So, I’m gonna give you the bulleted list and make it real easy for you…

  • Eat protein at every meal. Fish (especially salmon), Turkey, Chicken, and of course Steak are all high in protein. Stick to the ones lower in fat if you’re trying to lose weight.  Fit Fact 1
  • Get Sleep! In my article The Number One Rule For Better Weight Loss I mention that getting the recommended amount of sleep for your age is crucial for consistent weight loss. The primary thing sleep does is aid your metabolism to stay in high-gear.  Fit Fact 2
  • Drink Water. I’m sure you’ve either heard or read about the importance of drinking water throughout the day, and the overall health benefits. If not, feel free to google it, but a 2003 study by German Doctors found that when you drink cold water, your body has to expend more energy to warm the water, and expending energy = burning calories. Fit Fact 3
  • HIIT Routines – I’m an advocate for weights based workouts, but when you do cardio, model it after HIIT routines. High Intensity Interval Training is something professional athletes have been using for years to improve their abilities, and you too can take advantage of this metabolism kick-starting, fat-blasting routine. Anyone can do it, and I tell you how in Walk It Off!

Stay Strong!




Association between reduced sleep and weight gain in women

Water Induced Thermogenesis

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Watch out! Check the label when buying meats. You can get Turkey that is 85% fat free, and you think you're doing good, but that means it contains 15% fat, and that can be higher than a lot of beef and pork options.

In s recent Health Study, researchers followed roughly 60,000 women for 16 years, asking them about their weight, sleep habits, diet, and other aspects of their lifestyle. (2) At the start of the study, all of the women were healthy, and none were obese; 16 years later, women who slept 5 hours or less per night had a 15 percent higher risk of becoming obese, compared to women who slept 7 hours per night.

Drinking just 500 ml of water increases metabolic rate by 30%. 500 ml is equal to about 2 cups!