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Forget Detoxing!

Everyday we learn more about the toxins in foods and in our households, and the dangers of these toxins when they get stored in the body as you eat and breathe. Our liver does it’s best to filter the toxins from the body by urination, but can only do so much, and the left-overs end up stored in our fat cells. So, people have turned to detox methods to help the body’s natural process. However, God sends his thanks, but no thanks. See, it turns out He knew just what he was doing when he designed the body, and one of the most effective ways to break down the fat cells, and flush the chemicals out is through regular exercise.  There are tons of cleanses and detox plans, but they’re actually not that effective at eliminating toxins. Research has found that sweating was more effective than urinating at eliminating toxins such as ‘bisphenol A’ or BPA – a synthetic compound found in plastics that has been linked with a range of health problems. And since sweating is a great way to cleanse, this might be a good time to read my article on The Benefits of a Sauna.

As I mentioned above, many toxins can end up on your fat cells, and it is advised that you avoid saturated fats found in some meats, and other fried foods. Read my article about Vegetable oil being worse than sugar for your diet.

Also, believe it or not, your soap and hand sanitizer might actually be causing some of your weight gain as well. Triclosan is a synthetic antibacterial agent frequently added to soap. Researchers refer it to as an “obesogen”—a compound that can potentially cause weight gain by disrupting the body’s hormones. Now, I’m not saying you should never wash or sanitize your hands, but try using a soap without anti-bacterial chemicals in it, and only use hand sanitizer when it’s really necessary. If you want more details about the information above, click on the article listed below in the references.



10 Ways To Rid Your Body Of Toxic Chemicals

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