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Something worse for your diet than sugar?

In the article referenced below researchers performed a study on mice to determine what’s worse… Soybean Oil or Coconut Oil. Turns out, Soybean oil caused mice to gain 25% more weight than those on Coconut oil. Worse yet, they had fattier livers and more insulin resistance. You might be thinking, “I don’t buy soybean oil, so I’m good.” Think again. According to the same article Soybean Oil is the primary ingredient in Vegetable Oil. It can also be found in bread crumbs, cereals, crackers, imitation dairy foods, infant formula, and more. Researchers went on to say its actually worse than sugar for your diet! Need an alternative to vegetable oil? Avocado Oil is a very healthy alternative to veggie oil, and has a high smoke point (see article referenced below). Meaning, you can fry anything with it. Olive Oil is another alternative, that has great flavor, and is a really good alternative to butter, but the smoke point is lower so you really can’t fry with it.References:Something worse than sugar in your diet? – Byrdie.comAvocado oil benefits and Oil Smoke Point Chart –

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