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The Benefits of a Sauna

Everyone loves to sweat. Um, no, but there are plenty of benefits to sitting inside a box that feels like New Orleans on a July evening. You release toxins, burn calories and come out with glowing skin. You can burn 300-500 calories in 15-20 minutes! Equivalent to 1 hour of light exercise. It helps your metabolism as well. Increasing speed and intensity. Fevers are God’s way of helping us defeate a virus. Most viruses can’t live in high temperature. The high temperatures of a steam sauna cause an artificial fever. Which sends a message to the immune system and increases white blood cell count. Do you seem to have chronic colds? Sit in a sauna each week and there’s not a virus around that can survive that. Coconut water after a sauna is super hydrating. Its recommended that you don’t sit in a sauna much longer than 10 to 15 minutes. Losing those calories might be your goal, but don’t overdo it for your own safety!

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