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Eat More, Gain Less. Wait, what?

The old school thought process used to be, if I skip a meal, I’m taking in less calories, hence I can lose weight. But that old way of thinking has been proven to be very far off from the truth.  Here’s why. A high metabolism is the key to burning fat all day long. You kick-start your metabolism by eating in the morning. NO MORE SKIPPING BREAKFAST! When you skip a meal in the morning your body goes into fat storage mode because your body has just gone 6+ hours without food and water, and now you’ve told your body there’s no food available even though it’s time to get going for the day. God made our bodies very adaptable. So your body will do things to compensate for lack of food and water and that means conservation. Your energy levels and brain performance will reflect that. There’s plenty of study as well on your biological clock and how timing your meals might actually be even more important than what you eat.  By eating that first meal of the day, you’ve told your body that there’s plenty of food today, so no need to conserve anything. Feel free to burn calories doing what you do for peak performance. You’ll have more energy, feel better and your brain will function with optimal performance. Those people that drove like goof-balls today on your way to work? Obviously breakfast skippers.

I start my day in one of a couple ways:

  • In a blender, combine 3 egg whites, 1/2 cup oatmeal, raw organic vanilla protein powder , tablespoon of flax seed, 1 cup of almond milk, 2 teaspoons of organic peanut butter (optional).
  • If I’m traveling, I pick wisely from the breakfast available in the hotel – 3 Boiled eggs (sometimes remove the yolk), 2 turkey sausage patties, yogurt, coffee.
  • If I don’t eat the breakfast provided in the hotel, I’ll go to starbucks and get the Egg white, Turkey bacon sandwich, and Cafe Americano coffee. I don’t get the specialty drinks unless I want to treat myself occasionally.

Psalm 136:25 he who gives food to all flesh, for his steadfast love endures forever.


Men’s Health: What happens to your body when you skip breakfast.

My wife and I have been using this Ninja blender for a while now, and it is awesome!

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