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The Number One Rule For Better Weight Loss

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about losing weight? If you’re like most people, you’ll say to yourself “I need to start working out”. New Year’s resolutions fill up the gyms, and fun runs with people starting a new cardio regimen on their quest to shed the pounds. Well, there’s nothing wrong with starting a workout routine, and I encourage you to do so. See my Beginner’s Workout article to get started, and don’t forget that eating right is a huge part of your weight-loss battle. Working out and eating right will definitely help to get you fit, and make you look good, but what if I told you there is something even more important than both those things? Many people (including myself in the past) have been guilty of neglecting the one most important thing they can do to get their body in tip-top shape. It’s this revolutionary idea of getting enough sleep. Whaaaaat? Resting my body can actually cause me to lose weight?

“sleep is the most important thing you can do if you’re trying to lose weight, stay in shape, or reach the level of fitness you desire.”

You read that right bruh. In an article on (see link below) you’ll learn why no matter what you do to lose weight, your body doesn’t seem to want to change. That goal of losing so many pounds every couple weeks seems almost unattainable. Well, it could be that you’re not getting the right amount of sleep for your body to be able to make the changes your eating and workout regimen are trying to encourage.  Every bodily function relies on the right amount of sleep, and without the proper rest, your body can’t generate cells, regulate blood pressure or even fight off sugar cravings. So, once again, I’m going to mention here how important it is to change your life, not your program. Get more sleep, and wake up thinner. Sounds ridiculous, right? But at least you’re not being asked to go spend more money on some temporary program you’re likely to give up on. This advice is free brotato, and the worst thing that can happen is you wake up feeling refreshed, and have more energy during your day. Which might actually help you when trying to convince yourself to fulfill that New Year’s Res. So, what have you got to lose (besides a few pounds)?


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2 thoughts on “The Number One Rule For Better Weight Loss

  1. thanks for the advise. I’m now guessing that may be the reason I have so much hard time losing weight when I have already followed different diet plans here and there.

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